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    Steps to Create Your Free Hair Extension Logo

    Step 1 – Choose an Icon that you would like to represent your brand.

    Step 2 – Select the color that you love.

    Step 3 – Decide how large you would like your icon to be.

    Step 4 – Type in your brand name.

    Step 5 – Choose your font.

    Step 6 – Select your text position from Bottom, Left, Right, or top.

    Step 7 – Click the “Get Your Logo” button and we will email you a hi-resolution copy of your design.

    Looking for a Professionally Designed Logo?

    You might have found this page but were actually looking for a designer to craft the perfect logo for your brand. No problem!

    The team at Private Label Extensions designs professional logos daily for our clients. Getting started is cost-effective and simple.

    Get more info here – Professional Logo Design

    Want to Help Us Make the Logo Creator Better?

    Our goals are to always improve the free logo creator so our clients can make a more eye-catching design.

    If you have a specific font, color, feature or idea that would make this better please feel free to put your idea in the comments section below.

    79 thoughts on “Logo Creator

    1. lauryn says:

      There could be more lash logos!!

      1. Mikey Moran says:

        We agree! Icons for lashes are coming next.

        1. Renee Anderson says:

          Thank you, need lash logos.

          1. Mikey Moran says:

            Lash logos are coming next!

            1. Toni chew says:

              It won’t let me do anything on logo design, where do I hit choose color or icon?

            2. Private Label Extensions says:

              Simply select the color option under the icon menu.

        2. Luuu says:

          Nevermind I see now

    2. Albertha Bando says:

      The name of my company is Ife & Ayo Hair which means love and joy in Yoruba. I’ve been trying to get or think of a logo that represents what it means and how that vision can be translated a hair company. I’m so excited that I’ve found it. The logo I chose truly represents my company’s vision. Thank you so much.

    3. Falan says:

      The logo maker doesn’t let you actually make a logo I got the sample hahahah

      1. Mikey Moran says:

        How does it not let you make a logo? This is exactly what it does. Maybe you had a technical issue?

        1. Felicia Collins says:

          I’m still not able to do it myself please make it for me I’ve tried several times. I want the color purple with my name underneath: Jazzy’s Hair Affair, please. I want to be able to put it on my hair before I sell it. The same logo as the sample logo is fine.

          1. Private Label Extensions says:

            Try using a different browser. This is made easily accessible to anyone. It is an easy step by step guide.

        2. Luuu says:

          How is this making free ones when I paid 50 dollars for one ??

          1. Private Label Extensions says:

            This is a basic logo generator available for everyone. It will not guarantee you a unique design catered to your liking. It is just a logo creator to use as a base. We have this available in order to get customers started. The design within this logo creator is limited. It does not have a variety of options.

    4. queennilehair says:

      Like the logo maker! Is there a way to scale the logo to fit as a facebook or instagram profile pic?

      1. Mikey Moran says:

        Sure. You will just want to create a square logo. You can also add it to a square image in Canva and add it on top.

        1. Rasheeda says:

          Hi, my name is Rasheeda Cobb I’m looking to join the company please contact me.

          1. Private Label Extensions says:

            Hello, you may reach us at 404.458.1330. We are always experiencing high volumes of calls throughout the day, so it is best for you to contact us. You may also reach us at [email protected]

    5. Amari says:

      I love it! I am finally satisfied with my logo and it only took 10mins. Thank you PLE!

    6. Kaitlyn says:

      I’m really in love with my logo . Though I don’t have the font option ??

      1. Mikey Moran says:

        Did you design your logo on a mobile device or desktop? We are still making some adjustments to the mobile version of the page.

    7. Shannon says:

      Love the free logo creator! Love Private Label Extensions. You inspired me to start a hair business!

      1. Mikey Moran says:

        Wow! Thank you so much! We have many more business tools in the works to help you with your business.

    8. Jamiqua Brown says:

      Is it possible for me to get a sample of your hair bundle? I’m very interested but I honestly would like to know what I’m selling…… It would really help with my decision making.

      1. Private Label Extensions says:

        Of course! You may purchase any bundles at wholesale price with no minimum requirement!

    9. Maria says:

      Wish to design a lash logo like that, to see if I love it. I would like to start working with you guys!

      1. Private Label Extensions says:

        Get started with creating your own with our free logo creator!

    10. Damesha says:

      Hi, I think the free tools are awesome! Especially for someone who is completely new to this. I am having trouble changing the font, I do not see the option. Is this a regular issue? Maybe because I’m using my phone?

      1. Private Label Extensions says:

        Great! We have not had any issues with that. Using a desktop will eliminate most issues. We found that laying your phone sideways helps out as well.

        1. Damesha says:

          Thank you, I will try that!

          All the Best,

    11. mhm101514 says:

      If I already have a logo made could I send it to you guys to print?

      1. Private Label Extensions says:

        We have a variety of branding options available to you. We are able to print logos on edge control, bags, and lash labels!

    12. purpqueen.eb97 says:

      Can’t change my font.

      1. Private Label Extensions says:

        Please use a desktop, this helps eliminate errors.

    13. vivianadeboye says:

      Hello, I would have loved to see a logo with one color and the text in another color. Like I would love to incorporate my two business colors but you can only choose one color at the moment. Any chance of updating this soon?

      1. Private Label Extensions says:

        We are working on it, it should be updated soon.

    14. Jessicacromedy says:

      Hello, may you please contact me. I am interested in the free logo but I want other colors.

      1. Private Label Extensions says:

        Hey! This free logo creator is made to be simple and easy, it cannot be revised outside of its capabilities. If you prefer a more advance logo design, we have branding options available to you.

    15. Susan says:

      Thank you! I just made a logo. It’s super easy!

      1. Private Label Extensions says:

        Great! We try our best to help where we can to make it easier for entrepreneurs like yourself.

    16. kechiamonette7878 says:

      I just made me a simple logo to start out with. Love how easy it is

    17. Sabrina says:

      Great way to start a logo.

    18. Courtney Ingram says:

      I have an logo already I just need a start. How can I upload my previous logo and go from there?

      1. Private Label Extensions says:

        Hello, this logo creator is if you do not have one already. If you have a logo and want to purchase from any of our label printing, you have the option to download your logo as soon as you check out. We currently offer custom labels for edge control, lashes, bags, as well as tags for printing available!

    19. nathaly Jeancharles says:

      loved my logo! omg

    20. Erin J says:

      This was great! I actually found something that’s eye catching thank you!

    21. Alasia Isaac says:

      I love my logo I wish I could add glitter to the color that’s all.

      1. Private Label Extensions says:

        We are glad you are loving your logo. As this is just a basic and free generator, unfortunately, we will not be able to grant your request.

    22. Katrina A says:

      There should be a crown added.

      1. Private Label Extensions says:

        Thanks for your input, we will keep this in mind!

    23. Charly says:

      I’ve created my logo, but it still has not been emailed to me. Please help!

      1. Private Label Extensions says:

        Please check your other folders, including but not limited to your spam folder.

    24. Bri Partee says:

      I designed my logo over 10 times, and although it said that it sent to my email, I never received it.

      1. Private Label Extensions says:

        Please check all your folders, including your spam folder.

    25. Tiera-n-Cassie says:

      Need more than one logo for lashes.

      1. Private Label Extensions says:

        Hey there. You can re-use this generator as for as many as you would like.

    26. Sharon L Young says:

      If you are using your cell phone, try going to setting and use the desktop view. I couldn’t edit mine until I did that. Also, you may use your laptop. Simple to use once you are on the right screen.

    27. Melanie Tangeni Ndjago says:

      Thank you. Love my Logo!

    28. tanya_brns says:

      With the logo maker, can you have two colors within the logo? If so, how?

      Thank you.

      1. Private Label Extensions says:

        Hey there, unfortunately, no. This is a basic logo creator that have simple editing.

    29. Robin says:

      And just like that, I’ve created my logo! Thank you Private Label Extensions! I am so excited to get started with dropshipping!

      1. Private Label Extensions says:

        That is great, no, thank you! We are glad you are taking advantage of this free logo creator to help start your business. If you ever need us to create a more personal logo for you, we can do that as well. We have a variety of branding options as well as a logo design to help your business. Let us know if you have any other questions.

    30. Giania says:

      What if you already have a logo?

      1. Private Label Extensions says:

        Then there is no need to use this logo creator. This is just a handy tool to use for anyone who currently does not have one at the moment.

    31. krystyle.alezei29 says:

      How do I see my logo name in the font I chose?

      1. Private Label Extensions says:

        Hey there, you should be able to preview the logo you want with the font you chose once you are done with your selections. When satisfied, you may then email it to yourself to use.

    32. TONYIA GODLOCK says:

      Hello once I choose my logo will anyone be able to choose the same one I choose?

    33. Evette says:

      Why can’t I see the different font choices ? It shows me the same one every time I try to pick a new one.

      1. Private Label Extensions says:

        We have checked it on our end, and it is functioning as normal. Try closing out your browser and refresh your page.

    34. LaVenia DeBerry says:

      Is there a way to remove the icon and be able to see how the font is?

      1. Private Label Extensions says:

        Unfortunately no, the logo creator comes as is.

    35. A'Lona Wilson says:

      Lash logos with an eye as well as makeup would be nice.

      1. Private Label Extensions says:

        As we are implementing new ideas, we just might add that on. Thank you for your input.

    36. kchatman37 says:

      Hello, it’s not letting click on an icon.

      1. Private Label Extensions says:

        Hey there, we just tested this out and it is working perfectly fine. Are you using a desktop?

    37. Trish says:

      Hi, I am on a desktop and the font still does not change. I have tried refreshing the page. All other functions work fine.
      Any suggestions?

      1. Private Label Extensions says:

        We have tested this again, what server are you on? Try Google Chrome and see if that works, if not please let us know.

        1. Uniquecrowns19 says:

          There could be more logos with crowns or ones implementing royalty. Maybe more colors to choose from the option to make it two toned?

          1. Private Label Extensions says:

            Our free logo creator comes as is. We cannot specifically modify anything for it. We are thinking of adding more, but not at the moment.

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